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This online web portal news is created for oppressed sections like Dalit, Bahujan, Tribal and Pasmanda the indigenous communities of Jharkhand. It is always hapen that oppressed’s voices is not reaching the mainstream media, and these marginalized people constantly looking for some another space to raise their voices, that’s why we created wahwahyar.com an online web portal news to dedicate these subaltern groups of Jharkhand. We will publish local, national, and international news daily and special editorial articles on week and end of the month. Please support and contribute to our wahwahyar.com for this noble work. Email- [email protected]

WahWahYar.com – Shayari, Greetings, Quotes & Holiday Wishes

Modern life gets so busy sometimes that we often forget to give love to the people who are dear to us. Don’t wait for a holiday or a birthday to shower them with affection! Even a little gesture can go a long way. Even if you are far away from those you love, you can use the internet to get closer. On wahwahyar.com, you will find tons of wonderful text shayari & shayari images , Urdu poems, SMS, and quotes that you can send to your someone special to let him or her know about your feelings. There is not enough love in the world – update your social media status with enchanting Urdu poetry to spread the message far and wide. Give a little love to your friends every day, and it will come back to you multiplied. Remember: holidays come and go, but love lives on in our hearts forever! No matter the season, it is always appropriate to send beautiful status shayari to show your devotion.